George Dumitru

George Dumitru was born in Romania. He has extensively studied architecture in both Europe and the United States. As a graduate of Pratt Institue in Brooklyn he has practiced artchitecture in Connecticut since 1985.

Studio Dumitru

Established in 1999 in Westport CT, Studio Dumitru is a boutique style office focused entirely on the client, the ultimate beneficiary of our architectural efforts. Studio Dumitru offers a full range of architectural services, including and not limited to design, interior design, design build and product design.

From the very beginning our main body of work focused on a highly personalized form of residential design. We like to claim that we don’t design houses, we design homes. 

We make every possible effort to customize every product leaving our design boards to the one that will ultimately experience it. Everything is personalized to the requirements of each project; to the specific requirements of each lifestyle, style, surroundings, vernacular integration, and last, but not least, the individual taste.

We have had the opportunity to design homes in multiple styles, from classic Georgian, to English Manors, Tudors, Dutch Colonials, the Classic New England Colonials, Shingle Styles and Modern. None of them received any less attention, love and care than the other. However, stylistical purity is our credo.

We really try to master the art of space. We even put it on our logo. Yes indeed, we believe that anything we do has to relate and integrate into a given space, and the way we, the experiantials, relate to it, defines our existance.

Architecture itself is a spatial alteration therefore the act itself is a very intricate process.

Ultimately the act of design, as part of the architectural discourse, is a collection of actions, a team effort that encompasses each and all involved in the process.

We believe we are only defined by our vision. We want to make sure that in the end, our vision matches exactly our clients vision.

The Art of Space

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